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aFe aFe Air Filters

aFe Air Filter Review by Lanes Truck Accessories:
aFe air filters has not had any reviews submitted in at this time. Please email your review to if you would like to submit a review for this air filter. Thanks for contributing to LanesTruck
Since 1999, AFE has addressed a basic need in the automotive performance industry by creating high performance air intakes and air filters. AFE produces some of the most revered high flow, high performance air filters and intake systems available.

Standing five feet away, performance air filters look pretty much alike. Viewed up close the aFe difference is striking. It is hard to think of air filters as art objects, but when people see the PowerFlow air filter for the first time, the reaction is usually the same: “Wow, it’s beautiful!” The visible quality of our filters is a direct result of our attention to detail. There are no magic bullets here, just the result of doing a lot of little things perfectly using the most sophisticated tools available. Be sure to also check out K&N performance air filters.
aFe round aif filters
aFe performance air filter increase horsepower / torque
  • Medical grade cotton gauze filter media reduces air restriction and increases engine output
  • Surface area optimized to reduce pressure differential across the element resulting in reduced back pressure and increased torque
aFe air filters will increase airflow
  • Precision pleat geometry optimizes airflow through intake system
  • Engineered to control maximum filter face air velocity with deep precision pleats
aFe air filters improve engine protection
  • Multi-layer oiled cotton gauze attracts and traps contaminants without sacrificing air flow
  • Sturdy epoxy coated wire mesh construction protects filter media (and engine) from large debris
Limited Lifetime Warranty on aFe air filters
  • Cleanable and reusable
  • Urethane seal outlasts conventional materials (especially under extreme engine temperatures)
aFe air filters will give you a longer filter life
  • The last filter your vehicle will ever need
Technical Information about aFe air filters
Pleated Material
The aFe air filter uses deeper pleats than the competition. Using deeper pleats means more pleated media, resulting in more surface area for air to flow through while reducing its restriction. The aFe air filter is able to achieve this without choking airflow using a precision crafted pleat pitch, allowing smoother airflow into the engine. Competitive products, while attempting to increase surface area, over pack the filter with excess pleats, thus resulting in the unfortunate side effect of choking airflow. The aFe filter media, with its uniquely designed pleat depth, pitch and media material, prevents air velocities at the filter face from reaching critical speeds. Exceeding critical speeds result in increased back pressure and reduced engine performance. It also improves filter longevity by allowing for better dust retention.

The pleated media sandwiches multiple layers of high quality surgical cotton gauze between two layers of aluminum wire mesh. The special oil-treated surgical gauze filters out contaminating particles with less physical obstruction than typical paper elements. The oil is absorbed and wicked through micro fibers of the surgical gauze. Suspended particles are filtered out of the air stream through static charge attraction with the gauze/oil media. The aluminum wire mesh serves two purposes: first, it removes and prevents large solid particles from entering or damaging filtration media; and second, it provides a lifetime structural skeleton for the filter.

The aFe air filter is simply more efficient than competitive products. Multiple discrete layers facilitate depth filtration, which contributes to efficiency and promotes longevity over paper filters, which depend on quick clogging surface filtration. In addition, oil in the media enables the cotton gauze to filter out particles at a higher degree of efficiency without restricting airflow.

Seal Design
The aFe air filter features a superior seal design with a 100% polyurethane material construction. Poorly designed seals either permit air leakage or distort the filter housing. Many other filters use plastics or air/foam seals. Over time, heat and chemical attack cause this material to lose its elastic characteristics, which result in seal failure. Complex curing processes also prevent consistent quality manufacturing of plastics. Since visual inspection cannot distinguish between a good quality (fully cured) and out of specification seal (not cured), the problem is not detected until the seal fails in service. On the other hand, foam type seals simply cannot pass the test of time. Use of a foaming agent reduces the amount of polyurethane used in the part. Minimal heat exposure tends to turn this material into powder.
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