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Pace Edwards Jack Rabbit
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AEM Performance

Lanes Truck Accessories is proud to offer AEM products below. AEM is well known for there AEM brute force air intake system. At Lanes Truck Accessories we highly recommend AEM products. Here is a little more information on AEM brute force intakes.

Big engines need to take deep breaths, and all too often factory intakes bow to the demands of low noise and tight packaging. The result is that the engine is strangled for air and doesn’t make the power it’s capable of. An AEM Brute Force intake can solve that problem though by letting huge quantities of fresh, clean air enter your large displacement engine. But it’s not just about quantity. An AEM Brute Force system also ingests cooler air than the factory system by locating the air filter as far from hot engine components as possible. The ductwork on the AEM Brute Force intake is specially tuned to ensure the airflow is streamlined and free of detrimental pulses so you end up with a ram air effect from your AEM Brute Force system. Where necessary, the AEM Brute Force comes with heat shields to keep engine heat away from the airstream all the way to the throttle body. Finally, all brackets and fittings are fully welded and CNC cut to ensure perfect fit, and everything you need to install your AEM Brute Force intake is included in the package. So, if high power is what you want from your big motor, you need a high flow AEM Brute Force intake to supply it. Pound for pound and dollar for dollar, there’s no better upgrade than an AEM Brute Force intake.
AEM Brute Force Air Intakes AEM V2 Cold Air Intake System
AEM Short Ram Intake System AEM Serial Data Stream Gauge
About AEM:
At AEM, our mission is clear. We engineer products that outperform the competition, and create original product designs that revolutionize the industry. We accomplish this through a strict commitment to thorough research and development and leading-edge manufacturing processes. We invest heavily in these processes, and take great strides to control every aspect. It’s how we’ve spent the last 19 years building our reputation and it is how we will continue to maintain our status as an industry leader for years to come.

When enthusiasts buy AEM, DC Sports and BRUTE FORCE performance parts, they are getting the finest engineering, highest quality and best value our industry has to offer. Look no further than our products for proof. AEM pioneered the Cold Air Intake for sport compacts, invented the air bypass valve and V2 induction system, created the first hybrid intake systems for cars with engine swaps, created the first stand-alone programmable engine management system that uses a factory wiring harness, and were the first to introduce a gauge with a built-in wideband UEGO controller and gauge readout in one unit! In 2004 AEM acquired the business of DC Sports to combine the best engine breathing solutions from air filter to exhaust tip. For 2006, we are proud to introduce the DRYFLOW Synthetic air filter, long tube headers for trucks and SUVs from our BRUTE FORCE division, a laboratory-grade Thermocouple Amplifier, digital gauge displays and the Serial datastream Gauge from our performance electronics division.

Our products are consistently put to the test by the industry’s leading automotive publications and websites, including Motor Trend, Car & Driver, Road & Track, Turbo, Sport Compact Car, Super Street, Modified, 5.0 Mustang & Super Fords, Race Pages, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, Truckin’, Off Road, Sport Truck, 4Wheel Drive & Sport Utility, 4Wheel & Off Road, Temple of VTEC (,,,,,,, and more. The reports of these independent tests prove repeatedly that AEM, DC Sports and BRUTE FORCE performance products consistently outperform the competition, and are why you will find them under the hoods of many of the best racing teams and industry experts nationwide.

Manufacturing unrivaled products isn’t the only way we strive to bring you the best. We continue to increase our marketing presence through expanded ad campaigns, updated websites, EMS factory training seminars, trade and consumer show attendance, and cross-promotions with video game and toy companies. AEM Racing’s drag Civic, the World’s Quickest Honda (6.52 seconds), continues to push for new World Records using off-the-shelf AEM performance parts, and our Drift S2000, piloted by Stephan Papadakis, qualified for four of the six events it attended in only its first season, with Stephan achieving Rookie of the Year Honors in the FormulaD Drift Series.

AEM adopted its company Vision in 2004. Our company has dedicated itself to delivering the best products for the best price, while offering unmatched customer service. Below is our company’s Vision:

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