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Bully Dog

Bully Dog diesel performance

Bully Dog is your perfect solution for increase power for towing, and performance, or for those
extreme drivers looking to decrease their time in the quarter mile.

Let Bully Dog, The Leader in Diesel Performance, Unleash the Power Inside Your Diesel. Download the diesel digest from Bully Dog performance here.

Performance Programmers • Exhaust Systems • Cold Air Intakes • Gauges & Pods • Transmission Upgrades •
Mechanical Upgrades • Propane & Nitrous Kits

View more performance chips at Lanes Truck Accessories.
To learn more about Bully Dog products visit

Bully Dog Reviews by Lanes Truck Accessories:
What do you think of Bully Dog performance products? How do they perform on your truck as opposed to other performance products such as Hypertech Inc of Edge Products? Please email your thoughts to Thanks for contributing to Check out this Bully Dog diesel digest pdf file.
Bully Dog PMT Power Pup Triple Dog Downloader
Power Pup with Outlook Monitor Power Pup Downloader
Power Pup Triple Dog with Outlook Monitor Triple Dog E3 Diesel Downloader
Triple Dog E3 Gas Downloader Torque Dog Module
Unleash the horsepower and torque in your diesel truck with Bully Dog complete upgrade kits and propane injection kits.

Bully Dog makes diesel tuning as easy as possible and put together a complete performance system in one simple package. These packages contains a combination of parts that are designed to work in conjunction with each other to provide good safe horsepower and torque gains for your diesel truck. Gains can be be up to +130hp and 302 torque. Amazing horsepower gaines can be achieved with the use of Bully Dog diesel truck upgrades.

Bully Dog Diesel
If you drive a diesel pickup truck or SUV, you’re already in a class by yourself. Not everyone has the need or the desire to manage a diesel’s idiosyncrasies, but if you’re one of those folks who has to have the best and most powerful, you gotta get a diesel. There’s a company that caters directly to you, too: Bully Dog diesel products are focused strictly on the diesel truck market, and the folks at Bully Dog diesel are into horsepower. For example, a Bully Dog diesel exhaust system for the Powerstroke Ford can deliver an additional 222 ft.-lbs. of torque—just an exhaust system! Imagine what some of the more advanced Bully Dog diesel accessories can do for your truck. Bully Dog diesel propane injection systems can give you a power boost, and Bully Dog diesel performance chips and programmers allow you to tailor everything from your turbo boost to your transmission shift points right from the cab of your truck. Bully Dog diesel monitors are also a great way to keep an eye on everything, which is essential when you’re towing a heavy load. But the best way to sum up Bully Dog diesel products is to tell you that you’ve got a tuner company in your corner too, diesel guys and gals. If diesel horsepower and torque is your passion, Bully Dog diesel products can help you achieve your goals.

Bully Dog Chips
What do you want to do with your diesel truck or SUV today? Whatever it is, there are Bully Dog chips to help you out. Just like with modern gas engines, modern diesel engines are completely controlled by computers—even diesel transmissions are computer controlled. Bully Dog chips let you take control of your vehicle’s computers. You don’t have to go all out, either. If you simply want to change your transmission settings, there are Bully Dog chips to help you increase line pressure and reduce clutch slippage. Want to improve torque? Bully Dog chips can give you hundreds of additional foot-pounds. There are various Bully Dog chips to help you accomplish most any goal you have with your truck, whether it be a GM, Ford, or Dodge. You can run cooler, tow more efficiently, improve fuel economy, and gain tons of power using Bully Dog chips. Best of all, installing Bully Dog chips is a heck of a lot easier than the old ways of achieving horsepower gains. Forget porting, polishing, and rebuilding. Stick Bully Dog chips in your ECU and you’re done. Now that’s progress!

Bully Dog Exhaust
Your Bully Dog exhaust system accomplishes the two main things you want from a diesel exhaust system: The Bully Dog exhaust reduces backpressure and reduces exhaust gas temperature. However, they don’t reduce either by too much. See, every Bully Dog exhaust is a balancing act, providing just the right amount of temperature and pressure to ensure that your engine works at peak performance without compromising fuel economy. That’s why Bully Dog exhaust products are the premier diesel exhaust systems in the aftermarket today. Another reason is build quality. You can order a Bully Dog exhaust for your diesel in either stainless steel or aluminized construction, both of which give much longer life than a stock mild steel system. And whether you’ve got an older 2V Cummins or a brand new Powerstroke, there’s a Bully Dog exhaust available for your truck or SUV. If you want the ultimate in power and torque, pair up your Bully Dog exhaust with a Bully Dog intake system and/or power chip. The combination is built to work together, resulting in torque increases of as much as 305 lb.-ft. But it all starts with free breathing, and that’s where your Bully Dog exhaust excels.

Bully Dog Gauge
There’s a lot of stuff going on in your diesel truck or SUV, and there’s a lot you want to keep an eye on if you’re towing a trailer or hauling a heavy load. Don’t let things like high transmission temperatures or excessive exhaust gas temperatures sneak past you: Install a Bully Dog gauge in your diesel truck. A Bully Dog gauge package in your truck can keep you informed about water temperatures, transmission shift points, slippage, brake pressure, even horsepower and voltage. Your Bully Dog gauge can become your eyes when it comes to seeing what’s actually going on in your heavy-duty powertrain. No big rig driver would be without comprehensive instrumentation, so why should you? A Bully Dog gauge installation is a cost-effective and informative way to stay on top of things. And for you weekend techs, a Bully Dog gauge can read and clear diagnostic trouble codes on your vehicle. If you’re having trouble or you have a check engine light illuminated, your Bully Dog gauge will be happy to do double duty as an OBD tester. It’s convenient, and it’s essential: It’s a Bully Dog gauge for diesel trucks and SUVs.

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