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Gibson Exhaust

Gibson Exhaust System

There are thousands of reasons to replace your auto exhaust system or muffler. You can tweak your power levels and lower your engine temperatures replacing the exhaust and muffler system. Buying new exhaust and mufflers is also one of the easiest ways to soup up your favorite ride.

Truck and SUV owners rejoice! There's a company out there dedicated to making exhaust systems just for your truck or SUV. That's right, Gibson exhaust is dedicated to the truck, SUV, van, and motor home market. Gibson exhaust systems provide that mean, burbling, deep exhaust note that lets everyone know what you've got under the hood of your truck. And the free-flowing design inherent in every Gibson exhaust product actually increases power and torque on your vehicle. Available with aluminized or stainless-steel construction, Gibson exhaust provides several different system configurations. Each offers performance gains, but to show you how much the folks at Gibson exhaust have thought this through, they offer Gibson exhaust products with dual rear outlets, quad outlets, and even side outlets so that your Gibson exhaust system doesn't interfere with a towed trailer. And for you extreme truck guys and gals, Gibson exhaust also has a line of diesel exhaust products and motor home exhaust products. How's that for coverage? You can even get a taste of the Gibson exhaust sound by ordering just Gibson mufflers, and fabricate them into your custom exhaust system. View more performance accessories or more Gibson products at
Gibson Review by Lanes Truck Accessories:
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Gibson Exhaust Systems Exhaust Tips
About Gibson Exhaust:

It was because of our motor home that my wife, Julie, and I started this business. Like you, we needed power and torque… and a lot more of it! But when we looked for the right exhaust system to fulfill our needs, it was more like spinning a roulette wheel and hoping. After much study, we hired the best engineers and technicians and began producing prototype models. We set our goals high: a cost-effective system that delivers more performance for the dollar than any other system. Gibson, our system that not only increased horsepower and fuel economy, it expanded the power bands, the engine ran cooler, engine life was not compromised, and the entire system (including installation) was hassle-free.

In the early 90’s, when performance exhaust systems became popular for sport trucks and 4x4’s, friends asked, couldn't’t they get the power and torque they wanted with a lower level of noise in the cab? With our complete testing and manufacturing already in place for the Motor home market, phase two of GIBSON began.

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