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Pace Edwards Jack Rabbit tonneau bed cover
Pace Edwards Jack Rabbit
Chrome Truck Accessories
Chrome Truck Accessories
Performance Air Filters
Did you know that the average car or truck air filter needs to be replaced on a yearly basis, regardless of how dirty it looks? That air filter replacement interval drops even more if the vehicle is used in dusty areas or extreme-use situations. Your auto air filter plugs up and gradually loses its efficiency over time, flowing less and less air until your car or truck is literally choked. The result is poor fuel economy and sluggish performance even though your air filter may not look that dirty. The answer is simple and inexpensive: A replacement air filter. K&N and aFe offer air filters for most makes of cars, trucks, and SUVs, so don't neglect this essential but easy-to-forget part. For those of you who would like to extract more power from your vehicle, a high-performance air filter, sometimes called a high-flow air filter, is the quickest way to start. High-performance auto air filters from K&N air filter flow more air with less restriction than stock paper air filters. K&N air filters are also washable and reusable, meaning you never have to buy another performance air filter again. K&N air filters are even backed by a million-mile warranty, so you know you're buying quality. Check out our huge selection of K&N performance air filters today, and start feeling the difference a high-flow air filter can make in your ride!
K&N air filter aFe air filter
K&N air filter aFe air filter
Performance auto air filters from K&N as well as aFe shown above. Lanes Truck Accessories wants to know your opinions on these air filters. Which is the better air filter, KN or aFe? Let us know, email us at and voice your opinion.
Performance Products Filters
Truck Air Filter need replacing? Looking to replace that dingy old auto air filter? It’s a wonderful idea and Lanes Truck Accessories would lover to help. Don’t let any kind of dirt, dust or other harmful particles get into your engine. Prevent destruction and protect your hard working engine by installing one of our auto air filters! You may already know that these kinds of debris can severely damage your engine. Have no fear! We’ve got the auto air filters that will keep that from happening. The number one function of a good air filter is to allow a substantial amount of airflow through while providing you with superior protection. Do not wait to replace your air filter! Whether you’re looking for a paper filter, or one that can be washed and reused, never wait to change your air filter! You may also be interested in K&N FIPK Air Intakes.
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