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Splat! Auto Bug Deflectors That Work

By: Matthew C. Keegan

If you are a regular driver and one accustomed to driving throughout the southern US, you know that your vehicle will soon become well acquainted with insects. Lots of them! Your windshield can get clouded over by bug splatter within minutes. Without a bug deflector in place you will be running your wipers and using up your windshield washer fluid in no time. Bug splatter is not only an inconvenience, but a dangerous distraction. You can outfit your vehicle with this simple to install device to protect your windshield and paint from bug juice.

A bug deflector or bug shield -- as some call it -- is one of the easiest devices to install on your vehicle. A properly installed shield will help deflect bugs as well as rocks saving the hood of your vehicle from damaging chips and splatter. With a bug deflector properly in place you will be able to complete your journeys without needless distraction.

Installation can be accomplished in minutes especially if you have a second person on hand to help you line up the bug shield correctly. Before you start, you will need to thoroughly wash and dry your vehicle taking extra care to clean the area where the deflector will be mounted. Most deflectors come with an alcohol pad to wipe away residual debris. You will then dry that area with a soft cloth.

After cleaning your vehicle, you will be ready to install the bug deflector. Most deflectors are fastened with heavy duty double sided 3M tape, so there is no drilling involved. Next, remove the backing of the tape and line up the shield with your hood. This is why a second person can be so handy: you’ll have the added assurance of making sure the shield is properly centered. You may need to use a marking pencil for exact placement, but don’t worry you can wash the marks away when installation has been completed.

Once you have adhered the deflector to the proper place on your vehicle, you will then attach two small clear rubber bumpers to place on the hood behind the bug deflector. Place them in the areas where the hood and bug deflector will come in contact with each other during high speed driving.

That's it! Installation is a breeze and can be accomplished in 15-20 minutes.

Manufacturers have created some awesome looking bug shields that not only protect your car but give it a really “cool” look. Bug deflectors are made from either scratch resistant acrylic or with stainless steel. Any sized car or truck can be outfitted with a shield; shop online to find one that is right for your vehicle.

About the Author

Matt Keegan is The Article Writer contributing to a variety of websites including Car Parts Stuff.

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