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Bully Dog diesel performance

Bully Dog Outlook Monitor

The Bully Dog Outlook Monitor is making some serious noise in the diesel performance yard, and that bark is certainly backed up by bite. More than just a monitor, the Bully Dog Outlook is an in-cab controller, performance monitor and gauge set all in one.

With the Outlook, you can monitor turbo boost, EGT, speed and engine RPMs on the easy-to-read LCD. You can set emergency de-fueling points on the fly to keep EGT at safe levels when towing big loads.

When those annoying Check Engine lights come on, you won’t have to pay a mechanic to find out you're due for a filter change—the Bully Dog Outlook checks and erases diagnostic trouble codes for you. And, you can keep track of your fastest ¼ mile and 0-60 speeds and times. Plus, the Bully Dog Outlook monitor is compatible with any performance chip, module or tuner available.

Unleashed the Bully Dog Outlook Monitor on your diesel rig. With the optional gauge pod, you can mount your Outlook conveniently on your A-pillar. 1-year warranty.

Bully Dog Outlook Monitor Review by Lanes Truck Accessories:
Let us know what you think about this Bully Dog performance product. Please email your thoughts to Thanks for contributing to Check out this Bully Dog diesel digest pdf file.

Imagine setting a downloader on the highest setting and being able to pull your large trailers. This sleek in-cab controller/monitor/gauge set features advanced technology providing you high tech performance like no other product on the market. The Bully Dog Outlook Monitor takes priority access of your engine and gives you control over your vehicle's power levels with a flick of a switch. It also allows you to set emergency de-fueling points based on exhaust temperatures. When temperatures reach your set levels, the Outlook Monitor will automatically engage and de-fuel to prevent excessive EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperatures).

Outlook Monitor Features

Works with ALL diesel chips, performance modules and downloaders. This one of a kind monitor will de-fuel the engine regardless of brand type used.

Engine Safety
Automatically monitors (100 times per second) and de-fuels the engine when water temperature is either low or high and also when the exhaust temperature reaches high settings, preventing excessive EGTs.
The Outlook provides state of the art technology to provide pyrometer reading during 1/4 mile and 0-60 second runs along with heavy towing situations to avoid engine damage.

Time Trials
Records and stores the highest speed and time for 1/4 mile runs and 0-60 mph times.

Reads and Erases "Diagnostic Trouble Codes". For easy reference, codes are included in the instruction manual listed in numeric order.

Easy to Read Screen

Displaying four different functions at one time, with multiple quick change functions available on the fly, which include: water temperature, exhaust temperature, miles per hour, transmission slippage, air intake temperature, turbo boost pressure, engine RPM, horsepower, pounds foot torque, quarter mile times, 0-60 times, DTC's, tire size, voltage and barometric pressure, Monitor comes complete with a pillar or an adjustable windshield mount for installation. times.

Accurate Speed Readings

By entering the proper tire size the Outlook Monitor will adjust the speedometer assuring accurate reading on tires up to 45".

Replaces Gauges

Replaces all pyrometer, boost and transmission gauges while offering many more functions from the easy to read screen. Adjusting horsepower features is extremely simple to operate with the quick change functions.


This one of a kind monitor gives the most precise, stable and accurate gauge reading in the industry. Example: Bully Dog displays turbo boost pressure in 1/10 lb. increment instead of competitor reading of more than 2 lb. increments.

Effortless Installation, Completed in Minutes
Easily plugs in using OEM style connectors.

The Outlook Monitor is designed to work specifically with Bully Dog's Rapid Power and Dyno Dominator performance modules, but is also compatible with ALL diesel chips, performance modules and/or downloaders available on the market.

* Excludes Class A Trucks

  • The Bully Dog Outlook Monitor is custom designed for your specific engine
  • The Outlook Monitor offers universal compatibility with all diesel chips, performance modules and tuners
  • Set the Outlook Monitor for emergency de-fueling points based on EGT (exhaust gas temperature)
  • Easily adjust your speedometer for tire size
  • Effortlessly monitor Turbo Boost , EGT, speed, engine RPMs with the Outlook
  • Quickly check horsepower and torque
  • Joyfully record and display ¼ mile/0-60 speed and times
  • The Outlook Monitor easily installs in minutes
  • Get the optional Bully Dog Gauge Pod to mount your Outlook right on your rig’s A-pillar—custom-molded for your vehicle from durable, paint-ready ABS plastic
  • Bully Dog Gauge Pod mounts directly on top of your stock A-pillar using some double-sided adhesive and push pins
  • Your Bully Dog Outlook Monitor is backed by a 1-year warranty and free 800-number technical support line service
  • View more Bully Dog diesel products at Lanes Truck Accessories

Bully Dog Outlook In Cab Monitor Cost
2001 - 05 GM Duramax $346.99
(Free Shipping)
99-03 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L $346.99
(Free Shipping)
03-06 Ford Powerstroke 6.0L $346.99
(Free Shipping)
03-05 Dodge Cummins $346.99
(Free Shipping)

Bully Dog - Outlook Monitor for use with Triple Dog Cost
2001 - 05 GM Duramax $346.99
(Free Shipping)
2003 - 06 Ford Powerstroke 6.0L $346.99
(Free Shipping)
2003 - 05 Dodge Cummins $346.99
(Free Shipping)
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