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Bully Dog

Bully Dog - Power Pup Downloader

The Bully Dog Power Pup ain’t no cute little doggie, it’s a mean and nasty programmer that will unleash the power in your diesel engine. Just plug the Power Pup into your in-cab OBDII and with a quick reflash of the ECU, you’re ready to roll.

The Bully Dog Power Pup offers four built-in dyno-proven preset programs to choose from. The Tow setting gives you deep-digging extra torque, essential for pulling heavy loads up steep roads. The Performance setting boosts your horsepower and torque giving you heaps of highway power. If you dare, dial in the Extreme setting for the highest gain of any programmer, up to 150 hp, depending on your specific vehicle. And, you can always return your engine to its original settings with the Stock program.

The Power Pup programmer plays by its own rules and lets you remove the speed limiter, plus it checks and clears DTC (diagnostic trouble codes) with an easy push of a button. Go ahead, take this “puppy” home.

Bully Dog - Power Pup Downloader

Bully Dog - Power Pup Downloader

Give your diesel engine the biggest bite possible. The Bully Dog Power Pup is the most powerful programmer on the road with the highest gains in hp and torque available. Clears the speed limiter and DTCs, too. Easy in-cab OBDII installation.

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Bully Dog Power Pup Downloader Review by Lanes Truck Accessories:
Let us know what you think about this Bully Dog performance product. Please email your thoughts to Thanks for contributing to Check out this Bully Dog diesel digest pdf file.
If you have reservations about adding Bully Dog chips to your diesel truck or SUV, put them to rest right now. Bully Dog chips are designed by a company that loves diesels—it’s nearly an obsession, so anything they build is not only going to produce additional power and torque, but it’s also going to preserve the reliability of your engine and transmission. With that said, Bully Dog chips and the Bully Dog Power Pup downloader make building incredibly fast diesels easy. When combined with the company’s intakes and exhaust systems, you can actually get your truck into muscle car territory as far as quarter-mile times are concerned. You can add Bully Dog chips to your truck, tow your buddy’s Camaro to the track, race him, beat him, and then tow him home again! Of course, if acceleration and top speed aren’t your goals, just choose one of the RV/towing curves on your Bully Dog chips. Your shift points will be custom mapped and torque will be improved. The point is, whatever you like to do with your truck, Bully Dog chips can help you do it better, faster, and with a bigger grin. So find out what Bully Dog chips have in store for you, but be prepared: Stock will never be good enough again.
  • The Bully Dog Power Pup is custom designed for your specific engine
  • The Power Pup covers all the performance bases with four dyno-proven settings – Tow, Performance, Extreme and Stock
  • The highest gains of any programmer, the Bully Dog Power Pup delivers from 50-150 horsepower, depending on your specific vehicle
  • The Power Pup lets you turn off the speed limiter and clears diagnostic trouble codes
  • Straightforward installation lets you plug the Power Pup right into the in-cab OBDII port
  • Your Bully Dog Power Pup is backed by a 1-year warranty and free 800-number technical support line service
  • View all Bully Dog diesel products at Lanes Truck Accessories
  • Buy Bully Dog products at Thoroughbred Diesel.

Bully Dog - Power Pup Downloader
2001 - 06 GM Duramax LB7: $487.02 Delivered
+ 95 hp/180 lbs.-ft.
2004.5 - 06 GM Duramax LLY: $487.02 Delivered
+ 95 hp/180 lbs.-ft.
2001 - 06 GM Duramax LLY/LB7: $487.02 Delivered
+ 95 hp/180 lbs.-ft.
1999 - 03 Ford Powerstroke 7.3L: $442.74 Delivered
+110 hp/200 lbs.-ft.
2003 - 06 Ford Powerstroke 6.0L: $487.02 Delivered
+ 155 hp/330 lbs.-ft.
2003 - 04.5 Dodge Cummins 5.9L 24V: $487.02 Delivered
+130 hp/250 lbs.-ft.

Power Pup Downloader w/Outlook Monitor Combo
2003 - 04.5 Ford Powerstroke 6.0L: $752.67 Delivered
+155 hp/330 lbs.-ft.
2003 - 04.5 Dodge Cummins: $752.67 Delivered
+ 130 hp/250 lbs.-ft.
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