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Diablo Sport

DiabloSport Predator Programmer Tuner

View more performance chips as well as a full line of what Diablo Sport offers at Lanes Truck Accessories! Top name brands such as Edge, Hypertech, Superchips and more!
Diablo Sport predator
Get more power for your 1999-current Ford/GM/Chevy/H2 vehicles without going down to the “Crossroads”. The DiabloSport Predator flash tuner lets you reprogram your vehicle’s computer for sinful gains in high performance. But there’s no deal with Devil here, just state-of-the-art technology in a sleek handheld design.

DiabloSport’s programming is performed in small increments for smoother, wider and more controllable power delivery. Use the generous backlit LCD screen to tune for quicker acceleration, firmer shifts and better gas mileage. Amazingly, the average tuning time takes about 2 minutes. At lower RPMs you’ll discover better throttle response for inclines and towing. At mid to upper RPMs, the passing power is exceptional. Tap into user-adjustable timing curves (not on diesels), fuel curves, and speed limiters (not on Powerstrokes).

On some engines, you can even tweak rev limiters, shift points, shift timing and shift pressure. Installs in minutes with no computer skills required.


  • Unlike most other programmers, the DiabloSport Predator Tuner may be used with 87 octane gasoline. This multi-mode fuel option may help reduce your cost at the pump.
  • The DiabloSport Predator is not legal for use with any pollution-controlled vehicle. Check your state’s laws for more information about pollution-controlled vehicle codes
  • In California, the Diablo Sport is only legal for track racing and off-road vehicles and may not be used on the highway
Why get a DiabloSport Predator?
  • The flash tuner that allows for end user adjustability
  • The flash tuner which accepts custom tunes directly from DiabloSport or from ChipMaster Revolution dealers that you can install yourself.
  • The flash tuner with built-in advanced diagnostic capability that displays fault codes along with descriptions of the code right on the Predator screen.
  • The flash tuner with data monitoring capability.
  • The flash tuner with a true graphical display that's 300% larger then the competition's puny text only display.
  • The flash tuner running on a custom high performance, multi-threading KROS operating system.
  • In house engineering and manufacturing is the only way to assure quality in every component.
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