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Edge Evolution Performance Programmer

Edge Ford Evolution Performance Programmer

Edge Ford Evolution Performance Programmer

Let your Ford Powerstroke diesel or Triton gas engine reach the next level of performance with the Evolution programmer. 3 programs give you big gains in hp and torque.

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Contained in this compact module is the next generation of performance technology. The Evolution programmer can improve drivability and deliver substantial horsepower and torque gains. The Evolution has three power levels designed to fit your specific needs, whether it be towing or all out performance. There is even an option to improve the shift characteristics without changing engine performance. The Evolution will also display 0-60 and quarter mile times for before-and-after performance testing. The Evolution was created with a small lightweight design that allows personalized control with the touch of a button. With a backlit LCD screen, seeing and reading codes has been made simple. The unit not only displays codes, but also displays a description of what these codes mean, which eliminates more info ... copying the code down and then finding a manual to look them up. The modified transmission strategies will not only improve the feel and performance of the shifting, but can also help extend the life of the transmission.

The Evolution connects directly into the OBDII port underneath the dash. Once connected, the stock software is downloaded and the new Evolution software is uploaded onto the truck¹s ECM. All modifications are done during this process and can be just as easily switched back to stock at any time.

  • The Evolution power programmer is equipped with 3 separate performance programs
  • Adjusts your speed and rev limiter
  • For the Triton, the Evolution extends the life of your transmission
  • The Evolution power programmer displays and lets you clear diagnostic trouble codes
  • Backlit LCD screen displays 0-60 and quarter mile times
  • For the Powerstroke, the Evolution power programmer shows Transmission Temp, Oil Temp, RPM and Exhaust Backpressure
  • The Powerstroke will experience gains of 60-100 hp and 100-200 lbs of torque
  • The Triton will experience 12% gains in hp and 15% gains in torque
  • The Evolution installs in 10 minutes without tools
  • Your Evolution power programmer comes with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty
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