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Edge Jammers Dodge Performance Injector Nozzles

Edge Jammers Dodge Performance Injector Nozzles

Edge Jammers Dodge Performance Injector Nozzles

Give your Dodge Cummins diesel a booster shot with Jammer high-output fuel injector nozzles. Five configurations to choose from for gains of up to 150 hp and 300 lbs of torque.

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Swap out those low-flow stock injector nozzles and get ready to jam. Jammer high-output fuel injector nozzles by Edge Products will dramatically increase the performance of your 5.9 Cummins diesel engine.

Stock nozzles come with 7 tiny holes in the tip. Jammers have 8 intricately machined holes that create better atomization, faster fuel flow and an enhanced spray angle. And, of course, the extra hole means the Jammer can deliver more fuel, yet still maintain proper fuel pressure. The end result - more power, improved combustion chamber cleanliness and up to 1.5 mpg improved fuel economy.

Jammer fuel injector nozzles come in sets of 6 and are available in 5 configurations designed to suit your power and budget needs.

  • Jammer fuel injector nozzles provide better atomization, faster fuel flow and an enhanced spray angle
  • Jammers add from 50-150 horsepower and 100-300 lbs of torque
  • Five configurations to choose from
  • Jammer fuel injector nozzles increase fuel economy
  • Installation take about 2 hours for do-it-yourselfers
  • Your Jammer fuel injector nozzles are backed by a 2-year warranty
Edge Products introduced its own line of high-output fuel injector nozzles for Cummins light-duty engines. These "Jammer" nozzles have been designed for the 1998.5-2002 5.9L Cummins ISB engines in Dodge Ram trucks and RV coaches.

The proprietary process used to vreat these injector nozzles intricately machines 8 orifices into the tips. Compared to the stock 7-orifice injectors, Jammers feature better atomization, faster fuel flow and enhanced spray angle. Also, the increased number of orifices enables the injectors to deliver more fuel while still maintaining proper fuel pressure. The result is more power and improved combustion-chamber cleanliness.

Across the board Jammer nozzles can also improve fuel economy by up to 1.5 mpg depending on individual driving style.

Edge Products machining process also matches flow rate to within about 1% among injectors, further enhancing engine performance - the stock injector can vary as much as 11% per set.

Jammers offer incredible value to the consumer since the Truck's existing injector bodies can be easily retrofitted.

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