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Edge Power Juice Performance Module

Edge Power Juice Performance Module

Edge Power Juice Performance Module

Squeeze more performance out of your Cummins, Duramax or Powerstroke diesel engine with the Juice - Edge Products’ most advanced diesel performance module. Only minutes to install.

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When you have the Attitude and the Juice nothing can stop you, that is where this Edge Juice module comes into play. Let your Powerstroke, Cummins or Duramax climb steep hills with ease, pull heavier loads, even beat muscle cars off the line. Plus, get up to 10% better fuel economy, too! You’ll have push-button access to 5 preset power levels for gains of up to 125 hp and 325 lbs of torque, depending on your vehicle type.

By communicating directly with your vehicle’s ECM, the Juice makes real time adjustments to the engine, transmission and fuel system that you can track and tweak with the in-cab Attitude monitor. That means power and performance that’s truly customized, not just an offset from stock like other modules. Plus, the Juice adjusts for tranny slippage, keeping it out of “limp mode” and the power flowing to your wheels. You can even monitor and correct settings if the EGT (Exhaust Gas Temperature) gets too high.

Get fresh-squeezed power and in-your face performance with the Juice/Attitude combo.

The Power Edge Juice is a plug in module that installs under the hood in less than 10 minutes. It features four power levels with power gains from 40-90 hp and torque gains from 150-250 ft lbs.

  • The Juice diesel performance module is custom designed for your year, make and model
  • Increased fuel economy, improved drivability and enhanced performance
  • Major gains in horsepower and torque
  • Virtually eliminates downshifting while towing
  • The Juice diesel performance module installs in about 10 minutes with no A-pillar modifications
  • The Juice can be upgraded with the Edge Products Attitude In-Cab Controller, allowing more power and control
  • Your Juice diesel performance module comes with a 2-year warranty
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The Power Edge Juice features in cab adjustability for those equipped with automatic transmissions via the "tow/haul" button on the gear selector. The user selects on the module which two of the four power levels is desired for both the "normal" and "tow/haul" transmission modes.

The Juice module communicates on the CAN-Bus data stream, from this data it receives vital engine, transmission, and fuel system information. This information provides smooth precise power delivery and power curves that are custom tailored rather than offset from stock.

The Duramax Power Edge Juice improves throttle response, drivability, and towing performance The module is weatherproof and mounts under the hood.

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