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Husky Liners

Husky Liners Truck Floor Mat

Husky Floor Mats

Husky Floor Mats

Husky Floor Mats are semi-custom heavy-duty floor mats that protect your carpet from stains and soiling. Made of high-grade, heavy vinyl.

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Husky Liners is the top name brand in the aftermarket industry for heavy duty floor mats. Husky pickup truck mats will protect your vehicles interior from rain, snow, dirt... Or anything else you want to keep out Husky Liners floor mats will keep out of your trucks interior. That's not completely realistic, though--the muck is going to get in, and when it does, keep it off of your carpeting with a set of Husky Liner heavy duty floor mats. Husky Liner pickup truck floor mats aren't like those flimsy bits of carpet that you get at your dealership: They dust your boots off and look nice, but that's about it. Husky Liner heavy duty truck floor mats are a absolute true, all-weather, heavy-duty liner that protects the carpet in your car, truck, van, or SUV. So how do they work? Husky floor mats feature super-b rubber construction with raised edges. The raised edges enable Husky floor mats to trap water, snow melt, and mud on the Husky floor mat, and off of your carpet. Husky floor mats also have raised inserts that provide great grip while scraping debris from your shoes. Husky has also designed special nibs into the back of their Huskey floor mats to keep the mat in place--no more sliding around. Husky liner floor mats are available for hundreds of vehicle applications, including the rear seats of pickups, vans, and SUVs. So get your carpet covered and protect your investment with Husky liner floor mats.
Husky Liners rear floor mat
  • Year round protection
  • 3/8" high ridges are up to 40% taller
  • Features extra thick driver's heel pad for longer life
  • Guaranteed not to crack or break
  • Easily cleaned
  • Features "SPIN" Sta-Put Nibs on back to limit slipping
  • Made in USA
  • View more Husky Liners truck accessories or compare the Husky mats to the Husky floor liners
Do you think spending money on a set of Husky floor mats sounds like a silly idea? Then you haven’t priced replacement carpet sets for your car recently. One of the best ways to maintain the resale value of your vehicle—or to not get socked with hefty lease turn-in fees—is to keep the carpet in pristine shape. And the best way to protect your carpet is with a set of Husky floor mats. Husky floor mats aren’t related to those cheap nylon remnants they sell at the local parts stores—those floor mats look worse than ratty carpet. Husky floor mats are premium, heavy-duty rubber mats that are good-looking and seriously tough. Your Husky floor mats will stay where you put them thanks to the engineered nibs on the back of the mats, and heavy wear areas of Husky floor mats are reinforced for long life. You didn’t think so much engineering could go into a floor mat, did you? If you’re trying to build the best of anything, it takes a lot of thought. Husky floor mats take interior protection to the next level, so if you’re serious about keeping your floors looking good, Husky floor mats are the only choice you need to make.
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