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Pace Edwards Jack Rabbit
Chrome Truck Accessories
Chrome Truck Accessories
Jet Performance Chips Jet Performance Chips Power Control Module (PCM)
The power control module (PCM) by Jet Performance Chips is just what you truck deserves. This is one of the hottest performance modules on the aftermarket scene right now and is sure to maximize your trucks horsepower. Lanes Truck Accessories offers all of today's top truck programmers so if Jet Performance Chips is not what you are looking for just keeping clicking around our online truck accessory website. Read all about Jet Performance Chips power control module (PCM) below.
Jet Performance Chips Power Control Module (PCM)

Jet Performance Chips Power Control Module (PCM)

The Jet Performance Power Control Module (PCM) gives you quick acceleration off the line, faster 0-60 times and more power for towing. The Jet PCM installs easy, is legal in all 50 states, and is safe for your stock or modified engine. Lifetime Warranty.

  • The Jet Performance Chips Power Control Module is custom-made and programmed for your vehicle
  • Blow stock settings away off the line—The Jet Chips PCM tunes your engine with more advanced programming to harness your vehicle’s full power
  • The Jet PCM greatly boosts horsepower—see related images to find out how much it can help your vehicle
  • Get faster acceleration, better 0 to 60 times, and boosted towing power without burning extra gas
  • The Jet Performance PCM is available in 2 stage models for most vehicles:
  • Stage 1: This Power Control Module (PCM) is designed for stock engines with no other modifications. The Jet Stage 1 PCM is programmed to maximize power increases based on stock parameters
  • Stage 2: This Power Control Module (PCM) is designed for modified vehicles with low restriction exhaust and low temperature thermostats. Unit takes advantage of these modifications and pushes your engine for maximum power
  • The Jet Performance Module Chip offers quick, easy installation in less than half an hour with no warranty-voiding seal breaking or other modifications
  • To return to your factory settings, just unplug the Jet Performance Module
  • Won’t void your warranty—the Jet Chips PCM has been thoroughly tested not to damage your engine components
  • The Jet Chips Power Control Module is legal in all 50 states
  • Your Jet Performance Power Control Module is backed by a Lifetime Warranty

History of Jet Performance Below.
Jet Performance Products is a leader in tuning technology. Their background in tuning started with Jones Performance Fuel Systems 35 years ago. Their Fuel Systems Division, Electronics Division and the newest division, Transmissions and Components has exploded into what is now Jet Performance Products.

Their Fuel Systems Division has given them the opportunity to tune for everything from NHRA drag race cars, off-road race trucks, Winston Cup cars and most importantly, performance street applications. Jet's engineering staff is unsurpassed and considered to be the best tuners in the industry. These talented people have made the company what it is today.

Constant changes in computer technology of today's cars and trucks demand that the Jet engineering staff be the best. They are dedicated to providing the customer with the best tuning possible. Extensive testing, research, development and constant fine tuning ensures the most power from each application.

Jet Performance Product's newest addition is the acquisition of their New Transmission Division, formerly known as Premier Performance Transmissions. This new division engineers and designs performance transmissions, components and conversion kits that include everything necessary to convert a three speed application to a computer controlled four speed transmission! The addition of this division fits right in with Jet's dedication to the best of automotive engineering.

Constant research and development, an ever growing staff of professional engineers and a highly dedicated team of performance enthusiasts run their everyday operations. Their ability to produce the best tuning in the industry gets you the end results that you want...Power!
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