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Chrome Truck Accessories
Pro Comp Tires

Pro Comp Tires

The finest materials combined with state-of-the-art production equipment allows Pro Comp Tire to produce a truly superior performance truck tire. All three models - the All Terrain, Mud Terrain, Xterrain, and NEW! Xtreme All Terrain- are made in the United States with the perfect combination of rubber compounds, steel and polyester cords. The results equal a line of tires that have excellent ride, handling and all-weather wear—all with a warranty to back it up!

Engineered For Perfection When it comes to off road performance, the name Pro Comp is synonymous with high-quality, well-engineered suspension parts and lift kits. Now Pro Comp has focused their sites on the tire market. Pro Comp tires are made in the USA with scientifically engineered rubber compounds, steel and polyester cords. The result is a well-balanced line of tires that offer excellent ride quality, sharp handling and best-in-class traction. Their unique tread patterns provide outstanding traction off-road and in inclement weather, and they boast incredible longevity and even wear. Be sure to also check out our custom wheels.
The Tire Rack - Performance Specialists
World Class Warranty!

All Pro Comp tires are backed by a best-in-the-business warranty that covers materials and workmanship. The Radial All Terrain line carries a 50,000-mile warranty against premature wear and a severe weather rating. When it comes to conquering sand, snow, rain, mud, and anything else Mother Nature can throw at you, Pro Comp tires get the job done.

Radial All Terrain

The Radial All Terrain is Pro Comp's do-everything tire. Offering both a quiet and comfortable highway ride and stellar offroad grip, the All Terrain is an excellent choice for pickup owners looking to improve looks and performance without sacrificing drivability. The tread is designed with an elliptical siping pattern and interlocking shouldered lugs that provide extra bite and gripping power in snow, dirt and sand. A dual radius tread arc increases the contact patch for greater traction and maximized tread wear. Best of all, the All Terrain is covered by a 50,000-mile warranty.

Radial MudTerrain

The Radial Mud Terrain is specifically designed for quiet operation and superior performance in mud, snow, slush, loose dirt, rock and of course the open road. Pro Comp used a CAD computer to manipulate wind travel through the directional tread pattern, making the MudTerrain extremely quiet on the highway. Alternating open lug shoulder grip spurs aid traction and self-cleaning, and extra thick sidwalls provide increased traction and maximum protection from curbs and rocks.

Radial Xterrain

The all-new Xterrain benefits from three ply sidewall construction and XTC rubber technology in the tread. Thanks to heavy-duty construction the Xterrain is rated for towing and hauling, and new "tri-ply" construction provides three ply sidewalls along with two layers of opposed-angle steel belting and a full layer of nylon wrapping for maximum puncture resistance and total predictability when operating with low tire pressure off-road. Extra thick sidewalls provide maximum protection, and a unique tread design offers dynamic grip on rocks or mud. The Xterrain is available in a wide variety of sizes to fit virtually every application.

Xtreme All Terrain

The Xtreme All Terrain is Pro Comp's most serious off-road tire. Highlights include 3-ply polyester construction, opposed angle steel belts, steel beads, a spiral nylon overwrap and a bead flipper. The aggressive tread design offers unstoppable traction in nearly any off-road application, from mud and snow to sand, dirt, and rock. This aggressive tire is for the truly dedicated offroad enthusiast, and it looks the part. A wide variety of sizes is available.

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