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Chrome Truck Accessories
Chrome Truck Accessories
Superchips Inc

Superchips Inc. Flashpaq Performance Tuner

Superchips Flash Paq Tuner

Superchips Flash Paq Tuner

Tap into your Dodge Ram’s hidden power with the innovative Power+Plus Tuner by Superchips. Completely updateable–connects to the internet to download the latest features and engine programs. Boosts power, even with 87 octane. Lifetime Warranty.

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Lanes Truck Accessories is proudly Introducing the Superchip's FLASHPAQ - the next generation in advanced drivetrain tuning! The FlashPaq combines Superchips' performance programming experience with cutting edge tuning and acquisition technology.

Superchips is a well know name brand in performance for a reason. Superchip engineers have been decoding and researching the ins and outs, or should we say 1's and 0's. of late model vehicles to design an easy-to-use tuner that offers what you expect from a tuner. The Flashpaq delivers the same Superchips' dyno proven performance calibrations you expect, but also much more.

There are more tuning variables than ever, so you can add custom touches to your vehicle's performance making adjustments that we not possible to do before. Also, the Flash Paq offers the ability to monitor engine and transmission parameters! This information will help you tune the most performance and economy out of your pickup truck!

Another great feature of the new Superchips FlashPaq is its ability to be updated via the internet! You'll never have to send the unit in to be updated - simply connect a USB cable through your PD and go to for any updates or tuning tips available for your vehicle. Read more:

Superchips has always been the leader in tuning technology. Now, we are making it easier for our customers to get the latest and greatest files available for their late-model cars, trucks and SUV's. Introducing FLASHPAQ.COM! Specifically designed for Superchips’ next generation of tuners, is an online portal to user updates, upgrades, news and forums about the next generation of electronic performance. Flashpaq owners, please go to WWW.FLASHPAQ.COM to register today! The Superchips Flashpaq tuner is the first handheld device to allow users to update their tuners via the internet to download the latest calibrations and new features!

  • Discover unparalleled boosts in horsepower, torque and fuel economy with the advanced Superchips Flash Paq Tuner
  • Exclusively designed to maximize the horsepower, torque and fuel economy of your gas- or diesel-powered pickup
  • Your Superchips Flash Paq Tuner even works with 87 octane petrol, saving you big time at the pump
  • Your Flash Paq Tuner lets you modify your rig’s computer in these key areas: speed limiter, tire size, rev limit, DTC reader and multi-tune
  • Taps into your onboard computer system via the OBD-II port, which is conveniently located under your dash
  • Easily update the Flash Paq Tuner’s programming capabilities by plugging it into your desktop computer, connecting to the internet and downloading the latest programs from Superchips
  • Pre-calibrated to optimize your shift points automatically
  • Your Flash Paq Tuner’s LCD screen is easy to read
  • With only three buttons to deal with, using your Superchips Flash Paq Tuner is a snap
  • Superchips backs your new Flash Paq Tuner with a Lifetime Warranty
  • Be sure to jump over to Thoroughbred Diesel and view there Superchips flashpaq user manuals and install instructions.
Superchips Flashpaq Tuner
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